A scientific and technological achievement of the Dongfang water conservancy reached the international advanced level

news-5The scientific and technological achievement "key technology and application of intelligent management for floating trash in water conservancy and hydropower junction" has jointly completed by Sichuan Dongfang Water Conservancy Intelligent Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd., Southwest Science and Technology University, Chengdu Information Engineering University, Yalong River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., China Three Gorges Construction (Group) Co., Ltd., Head Branch of Middle Line Co., Ltd. of China South to North Water Diversion Group, Hydraulic Metal Structure Quality Inspection and Testing Center of Ministry of Water Resources, which has obtained the Evaluation Report on Scientific and technological Achievements.

The evaluation conclusion of the report is that the project is guided by "digitalization, informatization and intelligentize", aiming at the problems of uncertain time and quantity of floating objects in water conservancy and hydropower projects, difficult interception under high flow rate, unsafe artificial salvage, low salvage efficiency, and resource utilization of floating objects, studying in-depth from the four aspects of floating trashes gathering, efficient interception, intelligent salvage and harmless treatment and utilization, forming an integrated intelligent technology and system "floating trash estimating - floating trash blocking - floating trash cleaning - floating trash using", revealing the relationship between rainfall, wind speed and gathered floating trashes on water, implementing effective estimation for the gathering time, gathering quantity and gathering area of floating trashes, which provides solid data support for the floating trash block and clean for water conservancy and hydropower reservoir.

The anti-sinking and anti-overturning technology of buoyancy tank adapted to high water velocity was put forward, which broke through the control technology of high water level variation, large floating range and strong current impact, and realized the efficient interception of floating trashes on water surface. The fusion technology of multi-sensor and artificial intelligence has been proposed for the river cleaning boat/water cleaning robot, and an intelligent robot system with strong recognition, anti-misjudgment and high efficiency has been developed to solve the technical problem of difficult salvage of large floating trashes in large rivers and improve the level of intelligent management of floating trashes on water surface. A complete set of equipment has been developed for the rapid catalytic treatment of floating trashes by using biological enzymes, which solves the problem of difficulties of salvage, storage, treatment and reuse of the floating trashes, and realizes harmless treatment and recycling of the floating trashes. The expert evaluation thinks that the project results have reached the international advanced level. The technology readiness level is at TRL8 level, which has broad prospects for popularization and application.

Post time: Jul-09-2022