Unmanned Hobo® DF-H7 Swimming Pool Monitoring Robot/Water Surface Cleaning Robot

Short Description:

Autonomous identification: Search, locate and track floating blades and personnel safety situation of swimming pool

Path planning: patrol path planning, daily cruise cleaning
Obstacle avoidance navigation: automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic navigation

Self-wake up: self-wake up, family care and companionship
Navigation accuracy: effective control of speed, yaw, turning radius and other parameters

Data collection and transmission: collect detection data in real time and send back collected data and pictures

Water monitoring: real-time data monitoring of swimming pool

Human-computer interaction: voice interaction, multimedia interaction
Early warning return: low energy automatic return, monitoring and fault alarm
Unmanned operation: a variety of control methods combined, independent decision + remote control + central control + mobile phone (tablet) mobile terminal

Product Detail

Product Tags

Hobo® DF-H7 swimming pool monitoring robot is one of the intelligent products of water conservancy environmental protection independently researched and developed by Dongfang Water Conservancy. It has the functions of cleaning, daily water maintenance, swimming pool water monitoring, water disinfection, autonomous recognition, detection, search for the surface material, the material accurate location and tracking, autonomous path planning and navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, low battery automatic return, fault alarm prompt, and other functions, which realizes intelligent control operation of swimming pool garbage cleaning and autonomous cruise mode.



Floating body, drive system, monitoring system, obstacle avoidance system, water detection and disinfection, electrical control, intelligent control system, signal transmission system.

Outstanding Properties

Precision navigation

Patrol monitoring

Water body disinfection

Man-machine interaction

Voice control

Intelligent control

Stability control

Pure electric drive

Main Technical Data


Technical specification

Volume of storage tank(L)


Overall dimension(mm)


Unladen weight(kg)


Time of endurance(h)


Total power (kW)


Charging time(h)


Energy type

Lithium battery

Features of floating body

Anti - sinking, anti - tilting

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